Attraction and Repulsion

The world, I suppose, is not anything at all. Things exist and appear to be separate, but really there is only one principle. At the level at which we operate, it makes no sense to dwell on this monistic supposition, so I won’t go away into it.

I am attracted to and repelled by this world. It seems the only reason this happens is because it happens. That is, I am attracted and repulsed because I let myself be, because I am human, because I am a wandering deer. This world is a projection of my mind. I have created my own reality and there is no escape from it. We are all trapped in our projected realities, which is why we suffer and hate so much.

I might project attractive qualities to, say, an apple. I might say an apple is bright, juicy, sweet. You might project repulsive qualities to that apple: it is dull, watery, and too tart. Neither of us are wrong, but switch the apple for things like money, power, happiness,  etc and we are all monumentally miserable.

I have read some of the words of the sages, who say we can walk away from these things, but I do not wholly comprehend them.

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