Will you watch your step?
Boring stories left.
“You’re feeling lost? In here,” she said.
“Come in here. The pain won’t last.”

Ah, have you ever done a full body scan? Last night I downloaded a guided meditation app whose free option was a full body scan. The first time around I just did the three-minute meditation. How exquisite! The difference between my before and after was so stunning that I did the five-minute version of the meditation while lying in bed. For the first time in ages I fell right asleep. Which is good. My job is high-stress right now as I struggle to get up to speed and punch Git in the face.

On the bright side, I had a call with my manager today who said he thought I was a quick study. It’s less I’m a quick study and more I’m willing to initially put in 14-hour days to make sure I’m not a complete burden to my coworkers.

Anyway, back to those scans. They’ve made me sort of addicted to meditating. It’s the first time I have ever grokked any sort of meditation. In the future, I suppose I’ll find myself some nice guided meditations on CD. If a body scan is fun, imagine what else is out there.

For some reason, today I just feel like writing. I can be quite loquacious like that. But I don’t feel like talking to others much. That’s why I have such a strict comment policy at There was a Little Hope. It’s so much more relaxing and instructive when you can just natter away at yourself. In any case, I’ve never been in anyone’s limelight and wouldn’t do well if put there.

The common wisdom is your employer doesn’t care about you finding yourself and will actively work against you if you aren’t benefiting the business. . . but when your office is your home, how can they stop you?

Take this weight off my shoulders
and move it to my brain.

I’m looking forward to Christmas. I want to buy my grandparents a handful of nice things. My cousins, aunt, and uncle. . . well, they’re each getting a 50 USD gift card. I don’t know enough about them to give them anything. Cash, I’ve found, is much appreciated pretty much everywhere you go.

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