I love divination. I love one type of divination in particular: oracles. Anything that has arcane symbolism that can easily be interpreted differently really speaks to me. I don’t like things like tarot, which reads more like a list of stuff against stiff, coded imagery to me. My favorite will always be the Book of Doors Oracle, but I would call the BoDO a high octane oracle. You consult it with the Big Questions: where am I going in my spiritual life? What do I need to do if I want to be married? What direction is my career headed in and do I need to change it to keep in step with my life’s purpose?

The BoDO also has no problem telling you that you flat out fucked up, or that you’re being judged, or punished. It’s pretty uncompromising. Great deck for cutting through bullshit, but sometimes I want myself messages delivered more gently, yanno?

So for my next oracle, I wanted to be sure to get something that was a step or two down, but was still a fairly heavy hitter. I wanted something that wasn’t too sweet and fluffy, yet wasn’t as willing to nail you in the face. And since I love hurting myself, I got myself the Anubis Oracle. My favorite cards in it so far are of course the Bast cards because again, for some reason I enjoy hurting myself

Haven’t tried it yet–going to do an “introduce yourself” reading later tonight–just leafed through the cards. They don’t seem as serious and hard-hitting as the BoDO. At the same time, there are some very interesting cards that I think will be educational to see as I use the deck.

The other deck I have my eye on is the Ganesha Oracle. Seems pretty saccharin. While Ganesha isn’t a fluffy angel a la Doreen Virtue, he’s not the guy who sends you scurrying under a rock to hide. Unless you don’t want to face truth, of course.

I’ve also considered the Isis Oracle. Unfortunately, I’ve never gelled with her story and symbolism.

Anyway, I guess the reason I’m babbling about divination tonight is because I’ve gotten back into it. I do this periodically: get super into my deck, then leave it for a bit. This time around I’m hoping to read at least once or twice a week for no other reason it’s good for personal growth. You can’t deny that a good reading gets you thinking.

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