Rant: Pro-tip to WIC users

I like WIC.

I’ve never been on it myself, or known anybody who needed it, but the thought of my tax dollars going to help people in need rather than some fat cat’s wallet just gives me the warm ‘n’ fuzzies.

But WIC users, for the love of all that’s good and holy, understand what the program covers and don’t get pissy if the cashier tells you that apple-raspberry juice isn’t covered. No, it’s only the apple. And OF COURSE you pull this shit on the busiest time of the day in a ghetto Wal-Mart (you know it’s ghetto when they pen your 20s) when there aren’t enough cashiers, and you have the gall to get pissy at the cashier and the annoyed people in line behind you.

Oh, and now you’ve gotten the wrong cereal. Brilliant. The line is wrapping around one of the aisle displays.

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