Sine wave

I decided to do a reading for the coming week using the AO. (Next weekend it’ll be the BoDO.) Not looking to spend an inordinate amount of time contemplating the cards, I asked a fairly straightforward question: How should I approach the coming week?

I pulled three cards since that’s pretty much the simplest layout the book gives you and I wanted to pull more than a single card. I will say that I’m having trouble connecting to these cards enough to know which cards it wants me to pick. But I won’t worry about it until I’ve done a couple dozen readings. If, by that time, I don’t improve, I’ll have to worry about my sensitivity levels along with how well we’re getting on.

So, here’s what I pulled:


Sopdet/Khons/Amun-ra       Bast

Maat is in the Nekhbet-Mother-Mut position, meaning it’s her energies that will largely be at play this week, whether are work or in my personal life. Everything is subservient to her this week; the olive branch is laid at her feet. She is the protector of the week as well as the one overseeing its processes.

In the AO, Maat seems to largely be about radiance of the heart, seeing clearly, and acceptance. I’m also getting vibes of a truth to be discovered, the end of a chaotic situation, and finding love and balance. Overall, Maat is a very warm card, yet at the same time has a sort of “legal” coldness to it, as if Maat can become overly concerned with the rules rather than those who live under the rules.

This week, I think I need to impose order where I can, and accept the things I can’t, whether those things are related to work or myself. Also, I’ll be keeping a close eye on situations and ideas that come across my desk. I have a feeling that some stuff may come up for me over the next week that I’ll need to examine carefully. I’ll need to examine the thing itself, my reactions to it, my assumptions, everything.

I also need to get my shit together at work.

The second card, moving right to left, is Bast. Bast is in the Nebet-Het position. I can rely on Bast for the more intuitive aspects of the coming week. So when faced with my thoughts and feelings, it’s her strength that I need to fall back on.

The AO stresses Bast’s loving, joyful, sensual side. She is both holy longing as well as the knowledge of when to surrender. At the same time, she asks us to pay attention to the things we’re bringing about.

The AO points out a cat-related aspect of Bast’s nature that made me nearly swallow my tongue. Bast, being so closely aligned to cats, has some element of their independence and self-sufficiency. Bast, by nature, is good at self-confidence. She is a self-contained being. She understands self-care and self-love and through the AO calls out to us to remember these things for ourselves.

She is the counterpoint for Maat when Maat goes too far into legalities. Bast is a reminder for the week that, as I’m trying to keep things straight, see things for what they are, and accept what I can’t change, I also need to care for myself. There’s nothing wrong with being a little selfish, after all.

Bast is also a reminder of when to surrender myself to the moment as well as when to reign it in (that’s another good thing about Bast–she knows when to reign it in from the fiery Eye of Ra to the more benign joyful cat). In this instance, she comes off as stable to me, the rock you can run back to if you’re being pushed a little too hard.

The last card is quite strange to me, to be honest. It’s called “Right Timing and Direction” and features the gods Sopdet, Khonsu, and Amun-Ra. This card appeared in the Aset position, so it’s like the “crowning achievement” of the reading. The card in this position is the bridge between the earthly and the spiritual. This is the card that will be the encouragement and guidance for the coming week.

So, the AO says to think about how the energies of these separate gods might come into play during the week, or how they’re currently affecting you. Sopdet is a card that has come up over and over again since I started seriously using the AO. As usual, Sopdet is my polestar, the thing I turn to when feeling lost and helpless, the power that’s helping guide me along. Sopdet is resurgence and renewal, the light returning after a long period of darkness. Since the theme of my year includes Sopdet’s powers, it’s not surprising to see she’s still working her magic on me.

The point is I’m not alone this week. I don’t think I’m that alone at all anymore, except when I need time to think.

Amun-Ra indicates that there are going to be unseen, hidden, and unfathomable energies working on me over the week. Sometimes there are background processes going on that we don’t usually know about. Probably for the best. I’d go absolutely crackers if I knew all the movements of the universe.

At the same time, Amun-Ra illuminates mysteries and secrets, and must be a component of Maat’s influence on me.

The third card is Khonsu, the Wanderer who exorcises demons and heals disease not through violence, but through speech, through understanding and honoring the source of the illness. He is a fierce protector and I think I know what to expect from his energies over the coming week. During this week, it may come to pass that I’ll see things thanks to Maat’s power of clarity. I’ll see diseased things, dark things. And the only way to treat them is to honor their source.

Which, in a way, makes sense. When we hurt somebody’s feelings, we help fix the hurt by acknowledging the thing we did. In doing this, we honor the injured party’s source of hurt by acknowledging and respecting it. We cannot quash the bad feelings forever, nor can we continually flog ourselves for our wrongs. We have to sniff out the source–whether it’s jealousy, ego, carelessness, ego, or whatever–, acknowledge it, acknowledge the damage it does, and in that way, we can exorcise the bad feelings similar to how Khonsu exorcises demons. (Except, yanno, without the massive magic powers, lol.)

The card itself is titled “Right Timing and Direction”, which indicates the energies in this card have a certain place they’d like me to go at a certain time. It points out how important it is to be in the right place at the right time. It doesn’t do you much good if you’re in the right place long after you were supposed to be, after all.

I like how the various forms of the Eye of Ra are present in this reading. It really puts a stress on a need for all elements to come together for the week.

This week will be spent on a lot of self-reflection, introspection, and organization. Perhaps I should not go with the flow too much. At the same time, I need to take time to relax, to make things all about me. Otherwise who knows how the week will turn out.

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