The Year Walk

Every night I look to the sky,
call your name and wonder where you are.

Turns out I have a bit of time, so I did my AO reading. I’m going to be doing another AO reading next Saturday because I didn’t bring the BoDO with me on vacation. I don’t have a lot of time for a reading where I’m at now, so it would be a bad idea to try to fit in a BoDO reading. I’ll just do two BoDO readings in a row when I get back before returning to a normal schedule.

As per usual, the question was: how should I approach the coming week? I pulled the cards differently this time. Instead of scanning them over and over, I went through them once, then again and picked the cards that stood out to me the most.

I pulled:

            The Pyramid

Sacred Purpose      The Crested Ibis

The Pyramid is in the Nekhbet-Mother-Mut position, meaning it’s its energies that will largely be at play this week, in reference to both mundane and non-mundane matters. Everything is subservient to the Pyramid this week. I, the initiate dove, the itinerant Heru, lay an olive branch in the shadow of the Pyramid as I try to heed its lessons this week.

The Pyramid is a grounded card in the sense of “head not in the clouds”. It is also a card connected strongly with the earth, being built out of so much of it. The Pyramid is a stable, measured energy. When its energies show up in your life, you should not only respect the Pyramid’s setting of limitations and its encouragement to do solid, concrete things, but you should also respect the fact that going beyond all this can lead to collapse or failure. Bent Pyramid, anyone?

The Pyramid asks us to identify our own limitations and to set our own boundaries. It encourages careful thought and action, as well as discipline and common sense.

This week, I think I need to start making plans for how I’m going to tackle the coming year. I need to keep my feet on the ground, keep working on emotional regulation, and understand my own limitations and boundaries. I may need to consider pushing beyond those, but we all have a breaking point and that point should be respected.

Continuing on with Khnum’s energies, I also need to make sure that I don’t get stuck in the planning or dreaming phase.

Moving right to left, we see the Crested Ibis. The Crested Ibis is perched in the Nebet-Het position, so I can rely on this card for the more intuitive aspects of the coming week. If I need to take a few steps back to breathe and focus, I can fall back on this card to help me readjust my thoughts.

The Crested Ibis is a light, airy card that asks us to be similar to it. It is also related to the akh, which is the lightest, most effective, most pure part of the human soul, and the ibis asks us to remember this. Even when everything is turbulent and it seems the mud will never settle, we all have within us the potential to be as bright and awe-inspiring as the divine, but the journey is long.

The Crested Ibis speaks of rebirth, as well as the importance of clear-thinking. It asks us to conceive of our plans well before we shape them with our hands. This is a card of communication, language, articulation, and self-expression. It’s also related to Djehuty, and in fact Djehuty can be depicted as an ibis.

Furthermore, the Crested Ibis reminds us not to bluster. It encourages us to experience awe and maybe even a healthy dose of fear, but exhorts us to lighten up sometimes. The world isn’t full of darkness. There’s some pretty hilarious stuff that goes on.

The Crested Ibis is also the Voice. Don’t let yourself be silenced. At the same time, when you do speak, make sure it’s to good use. Don’t complain just to complain. In fact, don’t just speak of negative things. Let your gratitude and joy shine through your every word when possible!

In the context of this reading, the Crested Ibis is a warning not to let the Pyramid’s practical nature drag me down. I should let my vision run wild a bit. I should decide exactly what I want my plans to create before committing them to paper and acting on them. I should avoid becoming too bogged down in the seriousness of matters. Even Djehuty, a sort of hermit in the AO, has a free-wheeling, fun-loving side!

In my year-long reading, Djehuty came up as the Aset card, the “crowning achievement” of the reading. He’s stopped by to lend a little of his wisdom to my reading to encourage me to create from the mind as well as with my hands.

The third card, Sacred Purpose, is located in the Aset position. This card is the crowning achievement of the reading as well as the bridge between the earthly and the spiritual. This is another one of those AO cards that’s tough to interpret, in part because of its white-light nature and also in part because the damn book has maybe two paragraphs about it.

The Sacred Purpose include Anpu, Ptah, Geb, and Nut. Ptah is, true to nature, creating from his heart. Geb and Nut are where they’re supposed to be, denoting order, harmony, and the way things should be. Anpu is in the middle of all this, a traveler taking it all in, knowing things are as they should be. I wonder if the fact Anpu appeared in my BoDO reading last week has anything to do with this week? He is a gatekeeper and a guide. Perhaps he is trying to nudge me somewhere. Then again, this is the Anubis Oracle. Of course he’s going to show up a lot! I’ll consider it.

Sacred Purpose asks us two important questions: are your heart and actions in congruence with one another? Are you creating what you intended to create?

What’s going to keep the spiritual and mundane aspects of my life in harmony with one another is making sure that I act with integrity. I don’t need to think about it just for this week, but also carrying forward, because this is the week I’ll be creating plans that could affect me for the entire year. I also need to consider if my plans will create what I intend to create, which means I have to figure out a little better exactly what it is I’m trying to create.

I think that’s part of what the AO is asking me to do. After floating around without anything pinned down at all for the past few weeks, the AO is asking me to pin something–though not everything–down. The Pyramid tells me I need to lay out some kind of plan to build my own pyramid. The Crested Ibis tells me I need to dream a bit and think of what kind of outcome I want. Sacred Purpose asks me to make sure everything is in harmony and as it should be.

What I notice in this reading is that real, physical action is important, but it must be informed by clear thinking, and must be driven by integrity–what I have in my heart. Body, heart, mind–they all need to be present this week. Without one the entire reading falls apart.

What I’m going to do this week is look over my spiritual practices as they are. So far I do offerings every other day, meditation every night (but only for three minutes), scriptural reading every Wednesday, and letter-writing every Saturday. Now that I’ve gotten my hands on some incense, I think I’d like to start offering that on Sunday mornings or something.

That’s all well and good, but of course, I’m missing a key component here: what am I trying to create? What am I trying to do? For what purpose? So far I’ve been doing these things just to see if I could get started with something, but they need to be part of something broader.

It may be that I need to start devoting myself a little more specifically; however, this also feels like I’m hurrying along too much. To be honest, I still want to take it easy for the next two or three months, if not longer (depending on how things develop). There’s no need to hurry-scurry, although I guess you could make an argument there’s no need to drag your feet, either! You won’t get to where you’re going if you shuffle along the entire way.

Well, there’s nothing in the reading that says I have to go fast, just that I need to make solid plans to take the next step. I need to lay out the foundations for it. That next step could come in January or it could come in next December, but the plans and foundations have to be there.

I’m supposed to be acting like Heru: loyal, brave, just, victorious over adversity. I have to know wrong from right and be willing to fight for it. I need to be strong, loyal, and devoted . . . but to whom? I need to be able to rule over myself justly. Guess I’m gonna have to be tested like Heru, too, to make sure that I belong wherever I put myself. I have to remember that there’s an element of destiny at work this year. Destiny is always at work, though. I guess in my case I should consider it a lot.

I feel like that, while I’ve understood Ptah’s purpose as a creator from the heart, I’m not putting it into action as effectively as I could. Probably because there are still some sticky wibbly-wobbly things that I’ve got to deal with that are somewhat difficult and uncomfortable. I do feel like I’ve done a pretty good job keeping both feet on the ground, though. That’s always been difficult for me, but it’s worked out so far.

Going back to my BoDO reading, there’s Kemet, which tells me how I’ll advance in the world, reach my goals, etc., and that’s to create something out of nothing. While I’ve cleared a bit of land in these waters, I haven’t actually created anything. It’s the difference between saying you’ll do something and actually doing it.

Which also brings up Khnum and Nun in that same reading. I’m being pushed hard by the cards to do something solid, concrete, while Nun and Kemet are saying I have a nice clean slate to work from. It would be a huge shame if I wasted that. Not everybody gets this chance.

Part of growth and healing is giving yourself a second chance. You need to trust that, having learned your lesson, reflected on it, etc., you can trust yourself to act in a more acceptable way the second time around. Heru, once he reached adulthood, did not hide away from the demons without. Therefore, I should not hide from my inner demons. I should seek help if that’s what’s required, but I should not hide.

What will help is to remember Sekhmet from my AO reading. I need to embody her self-control, discipline, courage, and willingness to kick ass if necessary. I need to stay level-headed, with my feet on the ground, my head in the clouds only as planned. I need to remember to face the powers with awe and respect. Sure, they can be friends, family–hell, even lovers–but at the end of the day, they are so vast they can even seem a little cold. It’s ego and disrespect that first propelled me here. I won’t let them make things bad again.

I’m in the process of growing and changing. There are pains associated with that. And risks. This week, I need to start making these solid plans, but only after thinking about what I want to create, where I want to go, and who, at the end of the day, I want staring back at me from the mirror.

I think my decks have allowed me to have this wishy-washy idea of “healing and growth” as my goal for the near future. Now the AO is asking me to make something real out of that goal. After all, there’s no “healing and growth” without something that induces healing and something that induces growth. I need Djehuty’s wisdom, and his ability to mediate between parties.

On the more mundane side, I need to figure out how I want my work landscape to look. It seems like management is going to let me carve things out how I like, more or less. Since the current job is always setting up for the next job, I need to think what kind of jobs I’d like in the future, as well as the kind of job I want to work in now.

Well, I wrote a lot, and don’t think I’m going to proofread it overly much. I’ll definitely be coming back to this. I’ll also be writing a lot. Probably won’t be posting all of it publicly. Ah well, c’est la vie.

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