And I Just Swaffed Away

Was reading over yesterday’s BoDO reading and went over Wenut 4 – 5 again:

Wenut 4-5 is seated in a future-looking position, indicating a guideline for future actions. Wenut 4-5 refers to the darkest hours as Ra travels through the Duat. Even Ra’s own light can’t penetrate the darkness here. The road is rough and unpleasant and he must be towed along. The only thing anybody can do is grin and bear it.

Wenut 4-5 refers to the dark night of the soul. It also warns you that, while it’s always darkest before dawn, you’re also coming to a low point of unhappiness and suffering. It’s not a terrible card to get, but definitely not something you want to see in a future-looking position when you’re already feeling drained.

Why am I so perturbed by my shrine and divine communications problems? The BoDO basically told me what was going to happen.

Hello, facepalm.

Like Ra, I guess I’m being towed/dragging myself through the week. Wonder how work is going to turn out. Oh, god. Well, I’ve survived everything so far. No reason to assume I don’t have a good crack at it this time around.

To be honest, between the appearance of Shai and Renenutet, I think I’m certainly being pushed harder than ever before.

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