Anyway, I feel like I’m getting off track and losing sight of things, so I asked the Anubis Oracle a much different question this past Saturday.

What do I need to do to get back on track with my path?

I even pulled a different spread. Here it is:

                                           Sobek and Horus         Sekhmet

Djehuty          Right Timing and Direction        Ptah          Sphinx

Djehuty and Right Timing and Direction represent Het-Heru and the joy that is possible when two apparent opposites are brought together. By using the energies here, you can overcome the two cards in the Set slots (Ptah and the Sphinx), which leads you to the rarefied power of the Eye of Ra, represented here by Sobek and Horus and Sekhmet.

In this reading, Djehuty is an outward expression of love and power to be used. In this case, I think I need to continue with my shadow work and other practices in solitude. There will be a time where I’m out in the world–I feel it in my bones–but that time is not now.

Right Timing and Direction is an inward expression of love and power to be used to reach a goal. First of all, I think I’m at the right place, at the right time, and for once in my life have the right idea of where I need to be going. The renewing energies of Sopdet, the hidden principal of Amun-Ra, and the healing aspect of Khonsu are all active and on my side. I can draw on them for strength and support.

Ptah and the Sphinx are in the Set slots, meaning they’re things that appear to be confrontational or problematic (note the word “appear”). They can be things that need to be confronted. Or they may represent things you need to do shadow work on. I think the last two are the most accurate in my situation.

Ptah is the craftsman who asks us to know him by knowing our hearts deeply and acting on that knowing. The Sphinx represents knowledge and meditation and asks us to meditate and reflect deeply so that we may be able to be open to accept guidance. Ptah is the less visible aspect of this situation while the Sphinx is the more visible aspect.

I’ve talked about this at length on my blog, but there is a truth I am skirting around. It’s almost impossible to put into words. It flits in and out of my consciousness, daring me to shape it with words. This truth is, I believe, that what I see in my heart, what I say, and what I do are not congruent. Because I am so afraid to admit to a simple, if serious, mistake, I cannot reconcile what I feel with what I decide to do. Well, tonight, I took the first step to doing so. I stood before god’s shrine, told him how I feel, told him where I’m going, how I’m going to get there, etc. I told him I’m a citizen of his town.

I finally took the Sphinx’s advice and listened to myself. This will all be an ongoing process, but I will make it happen.

Finally, at the top we have Sobek and Horus and Sekhmet. Sobek and Horus have shown up pretty recently. In order to take the high road and integrate all these other energies, and in order to tear down old divisive ways of thinking, I have to consider these two cards. Sobek and Horus asks us to do shadow work, to plumb the depths of our sadness, shame, and disappointment, and come to terms with all of that. There’s also an element of forgiveness and understanding in this card. I need to forgive myself and continue to work to understand what it was that brought me to this place. I need to forgive the people who hurt me and understand that. . . well, that’s kind of just what shitty people do. You weed them out of your life and you move on.

I need to go back to the lessons Sekhmet wanted me to learn: self-control, discipline, silence, discipline, courage, level-headedness.

I’d like to point out that Djehuty and Sekhmet are in similar positions from the reading I did when I first got started. The AO is telling me to return to my roots. Always, always, always return to the roots if I get lost and I’ll find my way again. My polestar, my infallible guide, my winged shoes. Looking beyond the AO to my first BoDO reading, I see that I need to keep embodying Heru, need to keep creating with my hands what I see with my heart.

The more I reflect on these cards, and the more I reflect on the cards I’ve had recently, the more I realize the AO and the BoDO–and god(s)?–are asking me to become a Maatian–a Dharmic–person. It all makes sense. Sekhmet’s lessons are the hallmark of a Maatian person. Heru’s behavior is the hallmark of a Maatian person. This year’s growth and healing comes from becoming that Dharmic person.

I will make it. It’s not all going to happen in a year, nor am I ever going to be perfect, but I’m going to dig my heels in and do my best.

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