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Before I Fall Down

This week has been utterly fucking exhausting, although I will say I used my energies to better effect this week. I’m so tired it’s going to be a close one for me to fulfill all my responsibilities for the day. … Continue reading

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Derp, Derp

Was just reflecting on Hehut and the one or two other Khmenu primordials I’ve pulled from the BoDO. Nun, too. Happened to remember something from a particular book, and came up with: . . . the potentiality of movement in … Continue reading

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The Sound and the Fury

This week, I am utterly exhausted. So it is without further ado I present my BoDO reading, where I asked the usual: “How should I approach the coming week?”                        Nekhbet Heru           Mafdet Serqet      Sekhmet      Renenutet Nun         Serqet/NN    Aner-en-Rekh   Hehut … Continue reading

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