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Was just reflecting on Hehut and the one or two other Khmenu primordials I’ve pulled from the BoDO. Nun, too. Happened to remember something from a particular book, and came up with:

. . . the potentiality of movement in a condition of fluidity or, more precisely, liquidity. . . . the ancient Egyptian metaphor as an ocean of possibilities. . . .

(Author’s emphasis, not mine.)


Inherent in this egg and ocean of possibilities, then, are all the elements necessary for creation, but it is the Creator who in developing himself, brings being, as an active process of development (Kheper) into being. . . .”When I developed, development developed.”


Thus, creation is not construction out of nothingness but differentiating and ordering that which exists and making it active. The Creator brings himself into being as a self-developing God through mind, will, speech, and effective action.

Just a little more:

The divine, therefore, becomes for humans an image of possibility and a model to emulate. . . .

. . . As the ethical texts repeatedly state, “I made my character”–in a word, I made myself into what I am.

. . . The universe is alive with the possibility of becoming.

One important thing I’ve forgotten about when working with Nun and the primordials is the concepts laid out above. For example, when I pull someone like Hehut, it’s not that there are a million possibilities that might occur, there are a million possibilities that I might bring into being and there are an infinite number of things that I might make active and, therefore, “alive”. This is an important conceptual shift because (a) it puts things squarely in my court and (b) it changes the context of entire readings because there’s more agency involved.

In the case of Nun, it’s not just that there are endless possibilities with far-reaching consequences, it’s that there are endless possibilities that I will bring about with my actions.

Everything alive and vibrant in Kemetic culture is active. Someone is always doing something, creating something, differentiating something, enumerating something, etc. Kemetic culture is not passive, and if you read the cards in a passive light, you miss the message.

Not only that, but all the ingredients necessary for you to be, for you to differentiate, for you to be active–they are all in you. You are perfectly yourself in your egg.

I keep forgetting that.

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